Exciting information on the Thermomix Cutter

December 9, 2022

Host Rewards for the ThermoCutter are available NOW


Let’s Get Booking

You can now book in for a demo – in person or via Zoom for a demonstration and receive a Thermomix® Cutter as the incentive. That’s $159 (20% off) – RRP $199

If someone purchases a Thermomix at your demonstration – it’s FREE

So get in and get yourself booked for a demo.

30 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins. The choice is yours.

Note: it will NOT be for retail sale in The Mix shop while it is a host reward.

Ours arrived today – 13-01-23 – can’t wait to show you it in action!

I want a Demo - I want a ThermoCutter!

Have 2-3 friends over for a cuppa/drink and you sit and listen to me waffle about the wonderful Thermomix and cook some great food.

Email Me for a Booking

Send me an email with your preferred date and time – morning, afternoon or night and we will do what we can to accommodate your preferred time.

Email Me or see form below

What if you don’t live in my state or near me?

Zoom or FaceTime

We book in 1-1.5 hours and have the demo via Technology.

I live near you - now what?

6 Reeves Close, Gladstone Park

If you live near me – or about 20km away – then I’m there 


Come to my place and “let me – entertain you” in my best Robbie Williams singing voice.


The Thermomix Cutter Demonstration Request

Preferred Method of Contact

Preferred Time for Demonstration

Demonstration Type


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