The ThermoCouple

Sue & Chris

Introducing The ThermoCouple, Sue and Chris Onslow, residents north of Melbourne near Tullamarine airport. Our mission is to unleash people’s culinary potential through the use of Thermomix.

Our Thermomix journey began in October 2020, right after the first lockdown in Melbourne. I (Sue) was initially skeptical when invited to a Thermomix demonstration by a neighbor, immediately exclaiming, “I absolutely won’t buy one!” However, Chris, being ever supportive, accompanied Sue to the demonstration as they needed a couple more attendees. It was an effortless decision.

The food presented during the demonstration surpassed expectations; it was not just good but exceptionally delightful. I couldn’t resist sharing this experience with Chris, texting him, “Come over and taste this incredible food!” Chris arrived, sampled the dishes, and gave a resounding approval. The moment of truth arrived with the dessert, Chocolate Custard, and I heard Chris utter those enchanting words, “Oh my, this is truly incredible.”

Returning home, our conviction to never buy a Thermomix remained unchanged. However, unknown to each other, Chris and I independently embarked on our own research and sought the opinions of Thermomix owners. Only after gathering this information did we discuss it with one another. The internal debate ensued. Should they or shouldn’t they? Can they afford it? After much contemplation, they made a significant decision: we would reallocate the money we had saved for their canceled Bali trip in March 2020.

During this decision-making process, I received valuable advice from my friend Anna. Anna emphasized the importance of choosing wisely and ensuring that they would genuinely utilize the Thermomix, considering it was a substantial investment. Anna also highlighted the convenience it would bring, particularly for those moments when they were tired of deciding what to have for dinner.

With newfound confidence, we reached out to a Thermomix Consultant and made their first purchase, embarking on their Thermomix journey.

So Why Did We Become Consultants?

It’s no secret that we are passionate about our Thermomix® and love spreading the word far and wide. Whether it’s through conversations, social media, or our work, we find ourselves talking about it everywhere. Naturally, people often ask us, “Do you sell them?” Initially, we would laugh and reply, “Oh no, we just love it so much that we can’t help but talk about it.”

However, over time, we had a realization. With numerous friends seeking our assistance, advice, and asking where they can purchase one, we saw a wonderful opportunity to work together on something we truly enjoy.

I (Sue) had already referred six friends to other Thermomix consultants for their purchases. So, we thought, why not embark on this journey ourselves and have some fun along the way? Sharing the incredible capabilities of the Thermomix and demonstrating what it can do brings us immense joy. It truly is an exceptional appliance, and being able to showcase its magic to others is a rewarding experience.

Thus, we decided to become Thermomix consultants ourselves, embracing the opportunity to help others discover the joy of owning this remarkable kitchen companion. It’s not just about selling the product; it’s about sharing our passion and witnessing the delight it brings to people’s lives. Yes, it really is that good!

Introducing our second venture – The ThermoCouple – where we are passionate about everything Thermomix®. Whether you need assistance, advice, or are interested in purchasing a Thermomix®, we’ve got you covered! We are proud to be an NDIS Approved Consultant, ready to assist and serve you with love and dedication. 💚💜

Let us know how we can help!

We thoroughly assessed the appliances in our small kitchen, determined to declutter and make space. Here’s what we had at the time:

  1. Breville Food Processor
  2. Stick Blender
  3. Bread Maker (which I never used)
  4. Ice Cream Machine
  5. Electric Steamer
  6. Herb/Bean/Nut Grinder
  7. Nutri Ninja (still in possession but unused)
  8. Slow Cooker (still kept but untouched)

After experiencing the convenience of the Thermomix for a few weeks, we came to the realization that these appliances would likely remain unused. So, we made the decision to either sell or give them away. The transformation in our cramped 1970s kitchen was remarkable, with significantly more space available.

However, it’s important to note that we didn’t rush into ordering the Thermomix. We took our time, carefully considering the investment before making the final decision.

Let me tell you, it took us about two months to reach a decision. We delved into The Recipe Community, as recommended, searching for recipes that would suit our family’s tastes and our cooking preferences. As we read through the instructions and tips, a realization dawned upon us: “We can do this!”

Personally, I (Sue) have never considered myself much of a cook. I could manage basic meals to keep everyone fed, but nothing extraordinary. I always felt intimidated by the kitchen. Family gatherings often resulted in me being assigned the task of bringing store-bought bread rolls. It was that bad.

Yet, here we are today, three years later, with not just one, but two Thermomix machines occupying our kitchen counter. We bought our daughter and her partner  their own Thermomix and they absolutely love it. Both of them actively cook with it, creating delicious meals.

And now, with a baby Ivy, their Thermomix is a true lifesaver. It has already proven invaluable during all the stages of her pregnancy when she experienced morning, afternoon, and evening sickness. Thankfully, Billy was able to take charge in the kitchen and prepare meals for both of them using the Thermomix.

Now, the Thermomix has transformed into a remarkable baby food making machine. It opens up a world of amazing recipes that Elizabeth would have never even considered making, featuring incredibly diverse ingredients that little Ivy absolutely adores. The best part? The cost savings are simply incredible.

Gone are the days of relying on pre-packaged baby food or store-bought yogurts. With the Thermomix, she can create homemade, all-natural, and additive-free meals for Ivy using fresh ingredients. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we are providing her with nutritious and wholesome food, tailored specifically to her needs. The versatility of the Thermomix allows her to experiment with different flavors and textures, ensuring that Ivy enjoys a wide variety of foods as she grows.

Not only is it a delight to see Ivy relish in these homemade meals, but it also brings everyone peace of mind, knowing exactly what goes into her food. We can confidently say that the Thermomix has truly revolutionized their baby feeding journey, making it both convenient and enjoyable to provide Ivy with the best possible start in her culinary adventures.