The ThermoCouple

The ThermoCouple

“These days, we get asked to bring food and we love it” 💗

Sue & Chris

Who really are The ThermoCouple? – Sue & Chris Onslow. We live North of Melbourne (near the Tullamarine airport) and we want to help people reach their cooking potential using a Thermomix.

In October 2020, (end of first lockdown here in Melbourne) I (Sue) was invited by a neighbour to a Thermomix demonstration. The first things I said was “OMG I’m not buying one!” Stephen came back very quickly and said basically I’m there to ‘make up numbers’ as they only wanted a couple of people – this was just too easy.

The food was good, great in fact, so I text Chris and said, “come over and try this food!” He came, he saw and gave me a nod – yes this was GOOD FOOD! When it came to the dessert, Chocolate Custard – I heard those magic words “Oh Gosh – this is incredible”

We came home STILL CONVINCED that we would NEVER buy one. However, independently and unbeknown to each other, we did our own research and spoke to a number of people who owned Thermomix’s and asked their opinions. It was only then that we spoke to each other about it. Do we? Don’t we? Should we? Can we? After much deliberation, we decided to use the money that we had saved for our trip to Bali and put Bali on our Bench! (Our trip to Bali in March 2020 had been canceled, the day before we were due to fly).

The best advice I got was from my friend Anna. She said, “choose wisely, make sure you are going to use it, as it’s a costly investment – oh and if you are sick to death of choosing what to have for dinner, this is going to makes it super easy!”

We reached out to the Thermomix Consultant and made our first purchase.

We had a good hard look at the appliances we owned at that time in our TINY kitchen to see what we could “clear out”.

  • Breville Food Processor
  • Stick Blender
  • Bread Maker (which I never used)
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Electric Steamer
  • Herb/Bean/Nut Grinder
  • Nutri Ninja (still have, don’t use)
  • Slow Cooker (still have haven’t used it)

After using the Thermomix for a few weeks, we realised we would probably never use these again so, we either sold them or gave them away, and wow, what a difference that made to the space in our cramped 1970s kitchen.

Did we rush into ordering it? NO!

Believe me, it took about 2 months. We looked through The Recipe Community (as recommended) to see if there were recipes there that our family would eat, and we would like to cook. We read through the “how to” and realised the biggest thing “WE CAN DO THIS”

I (Sue) have never ever been a big cook, well, cook to survive and feed people sure, but nothing flash. Always way to intimidated. Gosh, family functions were “Sue can bring the store-bought bread rolls”. Yes, that bad.

Here we are two years later, have two Thermomix’s on our bench and so does our daughter and her partner. They love theirs and they BOTH cook with it.

EDIT: With a baby on the way for our daughter – their Thermomix is going to be a life saver. It certainly helped early in the pregnancy when she couldn’t cook (morning, afternoon and evening sickness) Billy was able to cook for them both.

So Why Did We Become Consultants? 

As many people would know, we love spreading the news of our Thermomix®. It might be through chatting, social media or our work. Just about everywhere. People ask us – Do you SELL them? At first, we laughed and said, “oh no, we just love it so much we can’t stop talking about it”.

As time went on, we realised, hang on, with so many friends asking for help, advise and WHERE CAN WE BUY ONE, we thought that this might be a great opportunity for us to work together on something that we really enjoy.

I (Sue) had referred many friends to other consultants to buy machines – 6 in total. Why not do it ourselves and have fun in the process. Showing people what a Thermomix can do give us so much joy. Yes, it really is that good!

Do you want to see a Thermomix® in action ?

As consultants there are a few ways we can showcase the benefits of a Thermomix®

  • Customer Experience - Cooking Demonstration in your home with a few friends (gets you a nice gift)
  • Customer Experience - Cooking Demonstration in our home with a few friends (gets you a nice gift)
  • Zoom - virtual
  • Social Media
  • This website 😁


Send us a message and we can help you out.

Want a Cooking Experience in your home?


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