Cooking Experience

February 11, 2022

But I don’t want to buy one, neither do my friends.

The first thing we said when we went to a Cooking Experience was “we are not going to buy one”. That’s ok said Stephen, come for the food. So that’s exactly what we did.

Having or going to a “demo” actually helps your Consultant but more importantly it helps your friend.

Everyone that hosts a Cooking Experience with at least 2 friends present, can earn an incentive. It is called “incentive” as it gives the host a reason to have a “party”, and why not. Good friends, great food and an incredible opportunity at the end.

If some does buy a Thermomix, they get their incentive FREE – If they don’t, no fear – they get it at a HEAVILY discounted price.

Also, the ThermoServers are exclusive to Thermomix and not able to be purchased. They are ONLY available if you have a Cooking Experience. These to us are lifesavers.

Why not book one with us today!

  • At Your Home
  • At Our Home (Tullamarine, Victoria)
  • Virtual – on Zoom

We can’t get enough of the Thermomix ThermoServer, because we can’t stop finding amazing ways they make life easy. Classic Round, Oval or Minis, the whole ThermoServer family is full of great kitchen hacks. So we put together the ultimate cheat sheet to share over 20 of our favourite ways to ThermoServe – and to prove that you can never have enough of them!

What is a Thermoserver?

When it’s the kids’ sports night. When your partner messages to say they’ll be home late from work. When you have an evening gym class. Whenever you need to keep dinner warm for your troops, you’ll never need to fret over your creations losing their heat and flavour in a ThermoServer. These double-walled stainless steel insulated dishes work double-time to keep food warm for up to three hours, or keep your cold food fresh and cold.

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