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Is My Dough Ready – Best Bread

Is the Dough Ready?There is nothing worse than not doing this correctly Recently Chris has been making bread in our Thermomix - something he loves doing. We have a couple of fool proof recipes that just work every time!   Cookidoo - Wonderful White Bread - Soft,...

Cups to Grams

Cups to GramsRecipes that call for Cups - these are the Grams When I am making a recipe in my Thermomix - especially converting from a "normal" recipe, they always call for cups. Half cup, 1/4 cup - I'm now used to working with grams with the Thermomix this little...

Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon Hotshots

We first saw this recipe on Thermomummy's Instagram and I asked her where she got the recipe from. I looked over her recipe and made it up. Loved it but I wanted more. So I tweaked it a little. I love lemon and lemon BITS - so I have put the whole lemon (segmented) in...

Thermomix Wall Charts

Wall Chart - TipsMy "Thermomix Bible" on my wall These are my "BIBLE" images that I have in picture frames on my kitchen wall. I refer to them all the time. Yes, my brain fails me regularly 😆 I have allowed these to be downloaded in PDF format to be printed, but you...

Anna’s Easy Choc Chip Almond Slice

Anna's Easy Choc Chip Almond SliceThis slice is just so "gimme more" 💚 After our Zoom session on Friday 01-04-22 with Anna Van Dyken from Feed Me Healthy people are dying to try Anna's amazing slice. This recipe is exclusive to Zoom participants and subscribers ONLY...

Anna’s Crustless Quiche

Anna Van Dyken’s Crustless QuicheConverted to Thermomix - there isn't anything easier Anna's fantastic Crustless Quiche. We love Quiche in our family. Egg and Bacon pies. Store bought quiche - all those yummy but oh so bad for you dishes. Anna's quiche is none of...

Cooking with The ThermoCouple & Special Guest – Anna Van Dyken

The Date Has Been Set 01-04-2022 - 6pm AEDT (Melbourne Time)Cooking Experience with our Special Guest HERE IS THE NEWS EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR Website subscribers are the first to know! Join us, Sue & Chris with our special guest, Anna Van Dyken, while we...

Uses for a Thermoserver

Uses for a ThermoServerCouldn't be without them now, even my Brother thinks they are great and he doesn't even own a Thermomix®  THERMOSERVER USES   Double walled stainless steel insulated dish. Available only through buying a Thermomix or a Cooking Experience....

Almond Milk

Almond MilkSweetened or Unsweetened Almond milk in this house is a big thing. My daughter doesn't tolerate full cream milk, or sometimes even light milk. As a baby she was lactose intolerant but grew out of it. However, her belly can still sometimes be upset by too...

Strawberry, Lemon & Buttermilk Sorbet

Strawberry, Lemon & Buttermilk SorbetChris just had to create his own recipe! In our home, Ice-Cream is the BE ALL and END ALL to Chris. I remember one morning waking up and he had decided to have a reverse day. Start at Dessert and work backwards. Ice Cream for...

When we bought our first Thermomix in 2020, we simply wanted to cut right back on the excesses:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives
  • Additives

A member of our household was Gluten and Dairy-free and the cost of those items in a supermarket or wholefoods store was crazy – AND – some of them still had additives!!

Our opinion on owning a Thermomix has now changed. We realised not only do you get wholesome good food, but you get wonderful FLAVOUR PACKED food. Food without all the “extras” that we can’t name.

The ThermoCouple

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