Uses for a ThermoServer

Couldn’t be without them now, even my Brother thinks they are great and he doesn’t even own a Thermomix® 



Double walled stainless steel insulated dish. Available only through buying a Thermomix or a Cooking Experience. Contact Us Today!


  • Keep food warm or cold for up to 3 hours
  • Serve dinner in it and then pop into the fridge with leftovers – less dishes
  • Cook pasta/rice/couscous/noodles in it with just boiling water
  • Prove your bread and pizza dough
  • Keep pancakes, wraps, naan bread, tortillas etc warm
  • Resting meat and chicken in it – eg bbq, pan fried, Varoma
  • Take to parties/bbq meats/picnics – bbq food, salads, sorbet, dips etc
  • Perfect temperature to ferment yoghurt
  • Risotto – pop in once cooked for 5 mins to absorb liquid and thicken up
  • Cook your zoodles and corn on the cob with boiling Water
  • Cook couscous – 1 cup couscous and 1 cup boiling water with butter and stock paste to taste, put lid on for 5 mins and done!
  • Keep one part of your meal warm while your Thermomix cooks the second part (curry and rice for example)
  • Keep salads cold on the table, even oysters and prawns, pop ice underneath them in the dish AND MORE!!!!!

Thanks Nat !!

Do you have one or 5 like me. We use ours almost every night. They are the go to bowls for dinner prep.

When we have the “kids” over for dinner, I serve in the ThermoServers – they dish up their meals and we know that what is left is still hot for seconds!

Did you know that by having a Cooking Experience (with 2 or more guests) you have the potential to earn one FREE if someone purchases a machine or if they don’t, at a heavily reduced price.

Book a Cooking Experience today – In person if in Melbourne, or Virtual via Zoom.

Do you want to see and taste a Thermomix® in action ?

As consultants there are a few ways we can showcase the benefits of a Thermomix®

  • Customer Experience – Cooking Demonstration in your home with a few friends (gets you a nice gift)
  • Customer Experience – Cooking Demonstration in our home with a few friends (gets you a nice gift)
  • Zoom – virtual
  • Social Media
  • This website 😁


Send us a message and we can help you out.

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