We first saw this recipe on Thermomummy’s Instagram and I asked her where she got the recipe from. 

Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon Hotshots
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I looked over her recipe and made it up. Loved it but I wanted more. So I tweaked it a little. I love lemon and lemon BITS – so I have put the whole lemon (segmented) in and wow – next level to me.

Thank you Noni for a great recipe!

Dry your thermomix bowl


Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon Hotshots

Course Drinks


  • 4 Lemons
  • 3 20 cent piece size Turmeric disks peeled
  • 3 20 cent piece size Ginger disks peeled


  • Take the rid off two lemons as thinly as you can - place in Thermomix bowl and 15 Seconds | Speed 7 - scrap down the side and repeat until you have what you like as the consistency - the smaller the pieces the better for me
  • Add peeled ginger and turmeric - 5 Seconds | Speed 7 - TWICE - scrap the bowl in between
  • Add the lemons - I segment them so no extra bits are in there or you can squeeze them and just add the juice. We like the lemon bits!
  • ** Fresh lemons are best, but sometimes these are not available - I use bottled lemon juice - of course FRESH IS BEST!
  • Blend together - 5 Seconds | Speed 7
  • SPOON into ice cube trays and top up with lemon juice
  • Place in freezer overnight


This recipe is originally from Thermofit_With_Noni - with a few changes that we like to use.
Thank you Noni - it is fantastic!!

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