Sue’s Time In Perth

May 31, 2022

Anna & Rod Van Dyken

Well this was a quick trip decided at the last minute to surprise Anna with my arrival. It was just going to be a knock knock – guess who is here, but after talking to so many people about it, the all said “DON’T YOU DARE” – at least tell her a couple of days before hand. So I did. I now wish I had waited and done the BIG SURPRISE!

Why didn’t I? Brand new home, things still here and there and the last thing she needed was someone lobbing for a few days. Well as it worked out, she wouldn’t have cared in the slightest and would have loved the surprise! Next Time 😂

This was not to be a show me the sites holiday – it was an “extended cup of coffee” time. We have tried more times than I can count over the last few years but those trips never worked out. Also I had a Jetstar voucher going to expire. Yes people, they do expire! So check your dates. People have said no, they don’t expire anymore, but let me tell you – some do. Especially if you have PAID for the FIRST flight and it became a voucher, then you used it to book another flight, and got a voucher – those are the ones that expire – not the first which was paid for. The second wasn’t “technically” PAID for. Little loop hole there for them. Great huh!
Dry your thermomix bowl

Leaving Melbourne gave me the most beautiful sunrise!

It was so great to catchup with them all and also finally get to meet Ethan! Wow what a gorgeous man! To see their new home and how they are settling in and of course, to see a little of Perth. No site seeing as we will do that when we BOTH get there!

It was so much fun introducing Anna to her new BLACK Thermomix. She was blown away at the new features after upgrading from her TM31 which she loved and trusted. She was also very sceptical about the new one. Soon enough, I had put her mind to rest and she loved it. So much so that one of her friends BOUGHT one whilst I was there. Total Shock!

I seriously want to thank Anna, Rod and Ethan and also Anna’s lovely parents for their hospitality, love and fun while I was there. It was amazing.

We all had a wonderful time albeit too short. Next time it will be a lot longer. I had to get home and organise a Baby Shower. 💗💗

While your here, check out Anna’s Feed Me Healthy site. All things Anna, All food WW Friendly


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