ThermoCouple Throw A Baby Shower

June 1, 2022

Guest of Honour – Our Future Granddaughter

This weekend just gone (27th May) we held a Baby Shower for our daughter Elizabeth and her partner Billy and they loved every moment of it.

I had discussed with Elizabeth about having one and her firm answer was “No! I’m very organised and have everything I need” plus she does not like parties.

So, Mum stepped into action. A SURPRISE baby shower instead. I kept it to just family (30 plus 6 children) My family and her Dad’s family – at least the ones I still know and her Grandmother – turning 90 today! She is an outstanding woman.

Laughter was had, food was eaten and presents were opened – with a bit of encouragement from me, her step mum and future sister in law. YES – we wanted to see what she got. In her words, “I got things I never knew I needed” 🤣🤣

There was a lot of cooking in 3 days but in our Thermomix’s it really wasn’t a bother. My sister Kerrie came to give me a hand as a dishwasher (no we don’t have one) but she did a lot more than dishes. It was great having her help! 💗💗

What did we create – food, food and more food – we were feeding quite a few people. Did I take photo’s – Hell no! I forgot! Kicking myself now, but at the time, time was of the essence.

Day 1 – Thursday

The image of the buttercream & macaroons were there for reference so I could grab my recipe for the Macarons. No I have not yet imported it into Cookidoo – plus I like a visual follow when cooking a LONG recipe.

Macarons – our recipe | Chicken & Spinach Lasagne – Cookidoo – so good! | Hong Kong Bakery Butter Cookies Hmmm I turned them into Melting Moments – they didn’t pipe well | Little Lasagne Cups – everyone loved these – fiddly but well worth it – oh and don’t listen to the cook time – mine took about 15-20 mins to cook

Day 2 – Friday

Caramelised Red Onion Chutney – Cookidoo | Nat’s Sausage Rolls | Party Egg & Bacon Pies – 110% WINNER of the day | Turkey Lasagna Rolls with Pumpkin Sauce – Cookidoo

Day 3 – Baby Shower

Three Cheese Spinach Scrolls – Cookidoo | Broccoli Salad with Red Pepper – Cookidoo – I was interested in this for a while and I am so glad I made it. A seriously quick salad!! Sweet, tangy, crunchy – yum!

This was cooked all on our TM6. I made the scrolls in the morning and baked them for when people arrived. Nothing better than warm scrolls.

Skinny Mixer Tomato Relish and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney – both for dipping.

Turkey Lasagne Rolls & Broccoli Salad – OMG!

The winner of the day. Everyone just loved these Party Egg & Bacon Pies


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