August 11, 2023

Common Pests in Summer

Common pests to look out for in the summer months

There are several pests that are common in vegetable gardens during the summer in Melbourne, VIC. Here are some of the most common ones to watch out for:

Aphids – These tiny insects can quickly infest plants and suck the sap out of them, causing stunted growth and yellowing leaves.

Whiteflies – These tiny, white insects can be found on the undersides of leaves and can quickly reproduce and spread, causing damage to plants.

Caterpillars – Various types of caterpillars, such as the cabbage moth caterpillar, can feed on vegetable leaves and cause significant damage.

Fruit fly – Fruit flies can be a major problem in the summer months when fruits and vegetables are ripening. They lay their eggs inside the fruit, which can cause it to rot and become unusable.

Slugs and snails – These pests can damage plants by eating holes in leaves and stems. They are most active at night, so it can be difficult to catch them in the act.

To control these pests, you can use various methods such as handpicking, using insecticidal soaps or oils, placing sticky traps, or using natural predators like ladybugs or lacewings. It’s also important to maintain good garden hygiene by removing any dead plant material or fallen fruit that can attract pests.

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