August 11, 2023

What to Plant in Winter

Embrace the Charm of Melbourne’s Winter: Ideal for Planting Select Vegetables

In the enchanting backdrop of Melbourne, VIC, the winter season unveils a unique opportunity for planting specific vegetables. Surprisingly, the cooler temperatures lend an exquisite depth of flavor to a variety of crops. Here’s a glimpse of the vegetables that beckon to be sown during Melbourne’s winter months.

Discover the Winter Bounty of Melbourne: Ideal Vegetables for Planting

Broccoli: Flourishing in Melbourne’s winter ambiance, broccoli is a cool-season gem. Plant it during mid-to-late summer to savor its mature delights in the winter months.

Cauliflower: Much like its counterpart, cauliflower thrives in Melbourne’s cool embrace. The winter season sets the stage for its cultivation, producing delicious results.

Brussels Sprouts: Embrace the charm of late summer or early autumn for Brussels sprouts planting in Melbourne. These cool-season wonders grace your table during the winter harvest.

Spinach: Amidst the winter chill, spinach thrives gracefully. Melbourne’s cool weather provides the perfect backdrop for nurturing this vibrant leafy green throughout the season.

Carrots: Melbourne’s winter offers a cozy setting for carrot cultivation. These root delights flourish in cooler temperatures, making winter the ideal planting time.

Beetroot: Joining the winter planting festivities, beetroot takes root in Melbourne’s soil. A harvest of delectable and nutritious rewards awaits those who plant during this season.

Peas: Embrace the charm of certain pea varieties like snow peas and sugar snap peas during Melbourne’s winter. These cool-season delights flourish when planted right in the midst of winter’s embrace.


Keep in mind that Melbourne’s climate can exhibit variations, making it essential to consult your nearby garden center or nursery. They can provide tailored recommendations aligned with your precise location and microclimate.

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