Why Buy a Thermomix!

There are many reasons why people do not want to buy a Thermomix, but here we are going to give you our main reasons for owning two of them, why we bought our daughter one as a house-warming present, and why we still love cooking with our Thermomix!

Be Sustainable

Save Money on your power bills

Be Healthy

Know exactly what goes into your food. Why, because YOU put it there. No preservatives, no additives.

Save Time

Cooking a quick meal when coming home from work, running around with the children or you just want time to you.

Save Money

The savings that you can make with a Thermomix on your day to day items is amazing. From Sugar to Coffee Beans.

Save Space

Kitchens today have limited bench space. This is where a Thermomix can save you room on the bench and in your cupboards.

Everyone that owns a Thermomix probably has their own set of reasons as to why they purchased one. Here are a few we have heard:


  • Saves time
  • Easy meal planning
  • Creates shopping lists / direct order to Woolworths Online
  • They are lazy cooks
  • No Ideas
  • Experiment with ingredients without fear of failure
  • No second guessing the meal
  • Space in the kitchen
  • Ease of cooking
  • Portable/able to take with them on holidays
  • Food Prep
  • Baby food
  • Children can cook with ease
  • Teaches children to cook

Here are just some of the everday ingredients that can be enhanced, repurposed and changed with a Thermomix:


Purchasing only one sugar is now a dream. We buy Raw Sugar and make all the different types that we need

  • Caster Sugar
    • 250g Store bought $0.70. Thermie $0.45
  • Icing Sugar
    • 250gms store bought $1.10. Thermie $0.45
  • Brown Sugar
    • 250g store bought $1.30. Thermie $0.60

*Prices indicative at time of creation – Jan 2022


MAKE YOUR OWN – Healthy & Convenient

  • Rice
  • Almond
  • Spelt
  • Wheat
  • Self raising
  • Gluten Free Baking Powder

Within minutes you make all the types of flour that you need. No trips to the supermarket.


Making your own yoghurt in a thermomix is probably one of the easiest things to do – only difference – it takes time! We set our for last thing at night so it ferments all night. It turns off and it’s ready for us to put in the fridge in the morning. Less Fat, WAY LESS SUGAR, less Nasties!

  • Greek Yoghurt
    • 1kg Store bought $5.50. Thermie $3.00 – yes I included power consumption
  • Vanilla Yoghurt
    • 1kg Store bought $5.50. Thermie $3.20 – yes I included power consumption
  • Fruit Yoghurt
    • 160g store bought $2.85. Thermie $0.60 – $1.00 depending on the fruit.

*Prices indicative at time of creation – Jan 2022

This is one way we make ours. Small jars for quick grab. We also make yoghurt in a varoma with a thermoserver – that way we can change it up if we want. Add fruit, granola (thermi made of course) and breakfast grabs as we call them. Yoghurt mixed with seeds and oats.


Having a daughter that cannot tolerate cows milk, she has Almond Milk. Store bought is great and convenient but oh does it have additives! All the milks below are just nut/oats/rice and water ONLY

  • Almond Milk
    • 1 litre Store bought $3.00. Thermie $0.96 – we buy our Nuts from Aldi – the cheapest and best around.

      Store bought ingredients

  • Oat Milk
    • 1 litre Store bought $3.50. Thermie $1.00

      Store bought ingredients

  • Cashew Milk
    • 1 litre Store bought $3.00. Thermie $1.00

      Store bought ingredients

  • Rice Milk
    • 1 litre Store bought $3.00. Thermie $0.14

      Store bought ingredients

You will see with all the ingredients there is not just the product and water. They have salt, oils,  acidity regulators (?) emulsifiers & sabilisers.
Really ? All we want is the natural product!! And Thermomix® offers you that!

If you want sweeter milk – throw in a couple of medjool dates (pip removed) – yummy!

Oh … don’t do what we did when we first made the milks. They made me feel a bit sick. What I realised is my body was used to WATERED DOWN MILKS – and these home made ones are NOT watered down. I now create the receipe and then add another 500mls – 1 litre of water, depending on the taste. Yes, it makes that much. Amazing isn’t it.

*Prices indicative at time of creation – Jan 2022

Grated Cheese

Whilst this is not always a super saving , what you do get is CHEESE. Just cheese. Real Cheese. No Anticaking agents or preservatives.

  • Tasty Cheese
    • 250g Store bought $6.25. Thermie $4.00
  • Parmesan Cheese
    • 250 Store bought $7.00. Thermie $6.50

*Prices indicative at time of creation – Jan 2022

Shredded Chicken

Fresh shredded chicken on lunches or salads is just the best. What you buy from the deli is ok – but they shred everything. Skin included. Or you have to buy a chicken and shred it yourself.

With a Thermomix you can steam just one chicken breast – See our “how to”

Super fresh and tasty without ANY added extras.

Boiled Rice

We cook a lot of rice. Have I ever perfected it – NEVER! Either under cooked or gluggy.

With a Thermomix you have perfect boiled rice in 15-30 minutes. Dependant on your rice you are cooking.

Ours is Basmati or Jasmine – standard white rice – 17 mins! Done 👍🏼

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