How to Sterilise Baby Bottles in a Thermomix® 

No More tablets or machines to sterilise your baby bottles, dummies and jars

Sterilising jars can be an annoying process

  • Boiling
  • Sterilising Tablets (Ewwww)
  • Sterilising machines
  • Oven

As we know, our Thermomix helps us make fantastic dishes, wonderful desserts, treats for kids and adults alike. But another functionality that has thanks to its versatility is to sterilise. We can sterilize our baby bottles or jars to make preserves or jams.


  1. Add 500ml of water to your Thermomix® and put the Varoma® in place.
  2. Put the jars and their lids separately on the base of your Varoma®
  3. 20 minutes | Varoma® temperature | Speed 3
  4. When completed leave to dry or move to a drying rack.

NOTE: The jars will be HOT – take care! 

Dry your thermomix bowl

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  • Customer Experience - Cooking Demonstration in our home with a few friends (gets you a nice gift)
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