Cups to Grams

April 29, 2022

Recipes that call for Cups – these are the Grams

Converting measurements from cups to grams can be quite helpful, especially when you’re using a Thermomix for your recipes, which typically relies on precise measurements in grams. Here’s a handy list of common ingredients and their cup-to-gram conversions that you can bookmark for easy reference:

**1 (One) Cup Conversion:**

– Flour: 170 grams
– White Sugar: 220 grams
– Brown Sugar: 220 grams
– Caster Sugar: 220 grams
– Icing Sugar: 160 grams
– Desiccated Coconut: 100 grams
– Cornflour: 120 grams
– Rolled Oats: 110 grams

Having these conversions readily available can save you time and ensure that your recipes are prepared accurately when working with your Thermomix. Whether you’re adapting a traditional recipe or creating a new one, using grams as your measurement unit will help you achieve consistent and precise results every time you cook or bake.

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