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January 2, 2024

First off, let me say that there is NO AFFILIATION in this post. Everything I buy, I buy because I use and love it. Nothing has been a “freebie” or given to me.

The items below are what we use on a regular basis meaning either everyday or at least once a week. I could go one and on with some items, but these are the regular ones we love.


OK I love my TM Spatula but sorry people I have found a BETTER one. Yes, better than the TM one. It looks like a wand/sword but works like a demon. 😂

One swipe and the side of the bowl is clean. It also fits under the blade which is an added bonus.

From their website: The Spatulix is made of heat-resistant silicone (up to 230c) and is dishwasher safe and BPA free.


Everyone knows that when we chop small amounts in our Thermomix bowl it ends up all OVER the bowl and the lid. This frustrates me no end. Especially with Tumeric. Yellow lid – ewww.

When I found this item I was amazed. I use it for things that are smaller than the top of the blade. Onions, herbs, sugar etc. It keeps it all together, OFF the lid and actually chops better. Cuisamix have their version which I purchased, but there are cheaper ones out there. Remember: CHEAPER can also mean nastier.


I don’t often use the Thermomix spatula as I don’t want to ruin it. I am left handed and I like to take chunks out of it. Yes, everyone says, “but go the other way around the blade”. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I try but alas the brain does not work like that.

The ones that I REALLY like are from TM Essentials. The Silicone Spatula. I have different colours for different dishes. Spicy dishes I use the purple. Sweet dishes I use the pink.  Put that down to my left hand side of the creative brain. 😂


As most people know, Chris loves his gardening and having to freeze things is essential. Especially in Summer. I make up tomato paste, pesto, basil mix and freeze if for the rest of the year.

This is what I use when I am doing a BIG cook, as the cubes just aren’t enough. The Kmart Ice Cube Trays. Brilliant. I pop them into snaplock bags and away I go.

When they have frozen solid, I pop them out and put them back into the snap lock bag and date them. Easy grab pods – usually 50gms per pod.


I use Alyce Alexandra’s Silicone tray at least twice to three times a week.

Whether it is for vegetables, omelettes (OMG the fluffiest you will ever taste) or fish. The lids is endless with what I use this mat for. It is also great for when steaming puddings. You place it over the top of the pudding moulds so that no condensation drips into your puddings. Highly Recommended

The Alyce Alexandra Silicone Mat – $29.95


Thermo Servers are one of the things in the kitchen that we use EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What is it? It is a stainless steel insulated food bowl that keeps our food hot or cold – whatever we choose for an amazing length of time. Just ask my son who went back for seconds and burnt his mouth on the food, expecting it to be “warm” not hot! He was amazed.

Not only do I use it to keep my food hot, but I also use it to proof my bread dough.

The only way to get your hands on a ThermoServer is buy having a Cooking Experience/Demo. Whether it is in person, or via Zoom/FaceTime. Click the button to find out more.


When we first bought our Thermomix® our daughter was living at home. She was on a dairy free/gluten free diet to “fix” her hormones. It worked!

However, almond milk was and still is super expensive compared to what you can make at home. At first we were straining it with a nut bag. OMG what a hassle. Then I read about this greek yoghurt strainer. It is not cheap – but oh so worth it. I waited for it to go on sale (which is is this week) $129.95 and scooped one up. Best money I have spent.

I use it for making all kinds of milk and I strain my yoghurt so it is thick and creamy. Thank you TM Essentials.


Call us crazy, but we have SO MANY bread tins just so we didn’t spend $50 on a bread tin by TheMixShop. 

Guess What! – We now own the one from TheMixShop now. Don’t mess around with others. If you like baking bread, then this is da bomb!

It turns out perfect bread – EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have no idea why it is different, but it just is.


We love pizza in our home – you cannot beat homemade pizza. When we first started making them I used one of the pizza cutter rollers – throw it out!

The pizza cutter from TheMixShop is just AMAZING! I don’t only use it for pizza’s. I cut up my slices with them for perfect cuts. My cakes. Anything that needs a simple straight through cut. It’s perfect.


Do I have the Thermomix Baking Mats? You bet ya I do. They are fantastic. Super thick and really great to work with.

However, they are expensive ($60) and if you didn’t get on with a Cooking Experience/Demo then they cost a lot of money.

I have purchased these Amazon, Food Grade Silicone Baking Mats. Nowhere near as thick as Thermomix but gosh they work well and only $10


Let me start by saying – I HATE WASTE!

Baking paper is such a wasteful thing. Is it essential? Most certainly. I use it when baking my banana bread etc.

When I bake biscuits, roast potatoes, schnitzels in the oven, I turn to my trust Oven Tray Liners from TheMixShop. I have used cheaper alternatives (gotta save money) but these are great.

Do they discolour? Sure they do but guess what, they still work perfectly well. I just love them.


I think people know by now how much Chris just LOVES his Ice Cream. Creamy Ice Cream, Sorbet, Gelato – you name it he makes it and I eat it 😂

I will admit we do have an ice cream maker that we use to churn the ice cream. It makes it a beautiful creamy consistency so that if freezes well. There are only two of use so we can eat all that we make.

The trays below are what I buy. Yes, TheMixShop have them. A lot of places have them, but they cost. TheMixShop are $27.95 each. I LOVE Amazon and usually next day delivery – $19.99 and free delivery.


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