A Great Thermomix Add-On

October 20, 2023

Sick of cleaning and scraping your TM Bowl & Lid?

Say farewell to the commotion of chopping and grinding with the ingenious anti-splash accessory, tailored to be compatible with both Thermomix TM5 and TM6 models. Crafted from sturdy plastic, this addition is a breeze to clean and effectively guards your TM bowl’s sides and lid against splatters.

Whether you’re whipping up a swift weeknight dinner or hosting an elaborate gathering, the anti-splash tool streamlines your cooking experience. It’s the perfect companion for any Thermomix owner.

It does not come into contact with the blades or hinder the lid.

For tangible evidence, take a glance at the photos below. In one instance, I was grinding sugar to create icing sugar (as one does), and typically, this results in sugar scattering all over the sides and lid, necessitating tedious scraping. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, it actually saves both time and preserves your ingredients.

I acquired it from Cuisamix, where I took advantage of a remarkable 2-for-1 offer. Perhaps you can consider sharing the second one with a friend, just as I did with my daughter! While there are more affordable options available, exercise caution with regard to their quality.

And here’s a little tip: if you decide to make a purchase, be sure to include a Spatulix in your order! I’m absolutely serious when I say that it’s the most exceptional spatula I’ve ever used!


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