Shredded/Steamed Chicken in a Thermomix

August 25, 2022

Perfect for Lunches, Salads, Almost Anything!

I love salads and fresh chicken sandwiches. Process meats just don’t do it for me.

Sometimes I use tuna but I much prefer fresh chicken. I know you can buy Shredded Chicken from the Deli at the supermarket but I want CHICKEN, not chicken with gristle, skin, and other bit of the chicken. So I make my own. Super quick and tasty.

I sometimes marinate the chicken first for extra flavour or I simply leave it plain only.

When shredding you can add salt and pepper or mix it with homemade mayonnaise and mustard – really yum.


Steamed Chicken / Shredded Chicken


  • Thermomix
I love salads and fresh chicken sandwiches. Process meats just don't do it for me. Nor does the shredded chicken in the deli. I like to know what is in my chicken
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Servings 2


  • 500 gm Raw Chicken any cut without bones
  • 600 gm Water
  • 2 tbsp Stock (optional)


  • Fill TM bowl with water
    600 gm Water, 2 tbsp Stock (optional)
  • Put on the TM Lid and put Varoma in place - I line with wet baking paper with holes. (see notes)
  • Place chicken onto baking paper
    500 gm Raw Chicken
  • Secure Varoma Lid
  • Steam - 20-25 mins | Varoma | Speed 2
  • When cook has finished, discard water (no need to rinse bowl)
  • Place chicken in TM Bowl and secure lid and MC

This is where you can add salt/pepper/mayonnaise - basically anything you want to flavour your chicken

  • 5 Seconds | REVERSE | Speed 4
  • Place in sealed container and put into the fridge. This will last for 3 days. Yes, because it is so fresh with no preservatives - you don't want to risk it any longer.

PREGNANT Women - You must eat within 24 hours!


    To make baking paper with holes either tear small holes or fold the baking paper and use a hold punch. Yes, I'm a bit lousy with things like this, but hey, why pay for things when you don't have too.
    I always we my baking paper before lining anything.
    1. It makes for easy shaping to the bowl
    2. It doesn't burn as quickly in the oven


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