Our Bali Holiday

Seminyak Beach

November 10, 2022

Back to our second home

On the 31st October, we took off to the airport with a flight to Bali. We have been waiting for this holiday since our trip in March, 2020 was postponed thanks to C***D 19 border closures to the rest of the world.

We normally meet our wonderful Irish friends there, but this time they couldn’t make it. 😢 Next time, as it is not the same without them. 😢

The first few days were great. Massages, shopping, eating. A perfect holiday. The weather was great although it was SUPER HUMID. We normally go in March, same temperature but oh my, not the same humidity. This was crazy hot. March is our go to month now.

Dry your thermomix bowl

Seminyak Beach – November 2022

We ate in beautiful restaurants.

Lemongrass in Legian – amazing Thai Food and the staff are incredible. Aircon in the back

Brunch Club Bali – Legian – I went for “Porncakes” but their waffles are incredible. Lovely staff

Cafe Kami – Seminyak – the food was so tasty. We are sorry we only tried it on our last night there. Great spot and wonderful seating

Our villa that we stayed at Blue Karma Dijiwa – Seminyak was just amazing. Their food is beautiful and fresh. Breakfast of champions and the most amazing Summer Rolls that I am going to try and make myself. So delicious.

The waffles at Brunch Club Bali are second to none. They are known for their “porncakes” – souffle pancakes but wow – these waffles were perfection, that’s why I had them twice – oops. Definitely going to make these at home!!!

Chris and I used to love dining out and eating amazing food, but we think that we have now been spoilt by what and how we cook at home. We love the freshness and goodness that we can create with our Thermomix. We honestly think it has spoilt us for restaurants. We are not saying that we are gourmet chefs, but us and our Thermomix do a damn fine job of recreating what we used to order at a fraction of the price.

By the fifth day we weren’t feeling too flash. Though we might have had a small touch of Bali Belly. Low and behold, not that, but COVID – and we only found out when we got home.

We worked the dates and the symptoms – we THINK we caught it on the plane – oh great!

Seriously though people, for your sake, mask up again! My son, my son-in-law and friend all have Covid and they haven’t been anywhere. It’s back. Let’s stop it in its tracks. We didn’t know we had it until we were sick, SICK!

Places We visited in Bali and highly recommend

Yes Spa Bali – Legian – Amazing Massages, cool, lovely people. Resti is the masseuse I loved. She is lovely

Spa Bali – Dyanapura – Seminyak – this is the spa we went to each night for our end of day foot massage. 1 hr of total relaxation. The girls are so funny, honest and just love their jobs & country

The Shampoo Lounge – Seminyak – I had my hair done here. Foils, cut, style. Gosh they were good. Questions and more questions to get exactly what I wanted correct.

Bali Barber – Seminyak (upstairs to the TSL) Chris had his head and face cut throat shaved and said it was the best he had ever had in his life. Highly recommended for me.

Six N Out – Seminyak – for shoes – rip off of course but damn good prices. Larry is an honest bloke just making a buck or two!

Two Bob Shoes – Legian – another honest shoe bloke. Fixed prices


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