Melting Chocolate in a Thermomix

December 9, 2022

Has NEVER been easier than this

Melting chocolate used to be a frustrating and somewhat daunting task with the traditional double-boiler method, where you had to be careful about maintaining the right temperature and avoiding any contact with water. Fortunately, with a Thermomix, the process has become incredibly easy and foolproof. Here’s how you can effortlessly melt chocolate using your Thermomix:

– 200 grams of chocolate (broken into pieces)
– 20 grams of coconut oil (optional)


**1. Break Up the Chocolate:**
– Start by breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces. This helps it melt more evenly and quickly.

**2. Add Chocolate to the Thermomix Bowl:**
– Place the broken chocolate pieces into the Thermomix bowl.

**3. Initial High-Speed Blend:**
– Seal the Thermomix bowl with the lid securely.
– Blend the chocolate at a high speed, typically Speed 9, for 10 seconds. This quickly breaks the chocolate into finer pieces.

**4. Scrape Down the Sides:**
– Pause the Thermomix and use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl, ensuring that all the chocolate is evenly distributed.

**5. Optional: Add Coconut Oil**
– If you like, you can enhance the texture and flavor of the melted chocolate by adding 20 grams of coconut oil. This is entirely optional but can result in smoother, glossier melted chocolate.

**6. Melt the Chocolate:**
– Set the Thermomix to heat the chocolate by selecting 5 minutes at a temperature of 50°C and a speed of 1.
– During this time, the chocolate will gradually melt and become silky smooth. The optional coconut oil, if added, will further contribute to the creamy texture.

**7. Check and Repeat (if necessary):**
– After the initial 5 minutes, pause the Thermomix and scrape down the sides of the bowl to ensure all the chocolate is melted.
– If there are still some unmelted bits, you can repeat the process for another minute.

**8. Wash the Bowl with Chocolate Milk:**
– To make the most of the residual chocolate in the bowl, you can create a delicious chocolate milk. Simply add some milk to the bowl and blend for 5 seconds at Speed 5. Enjoy your homemade treat!

With this easy method in your Thermomix, melting chocolate is no longer a hassle. You can achieve perfectly melted chocolate for various recipes without the worry of temperature control or water contact. Plus, the optional addition of coconut oil can elevate the texture and flavor of your melted chocolate. It’s a win-win for chocolate lovers and home bakers!


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