The ThermoCouple – WE -10-02-2023

February 9, 2023

Our week ending 10-02-2023

We’ll here we are, The ThermoCouple discussing all things through our week.

Welcome to our first blog post. Yes, I know I write newsletters, posts for recipes, but this is about our week and our food.

You will hear my waffle about food and about Thermomix things.

So here we go ……..

For those of you that do have social media, you will have seen this information/chat.

This post is backdated data on Social Media.

How to stop your chopping board from slipping everywhere.

We have old bench tops and plastic chopping boards so they slide everywhere. This just hold everything in place.

Hint: Someone mentioned a chux wipe instead of paper towel – great idea and environmental friendly.

Cookidoo’s Coconut fish curry

The most delicious curry 🍛

This curry is just amazing. I have cooked it a few time and we love it every single time.

I don’t make the coconut rice – not a favourite of mine. I just omit the coconut milk and replace it with water.

Tonight I had our Silicone steaming mat from Alyce Alexander so I used that in the Varoma for the fish. Wow was this way better. The fish stayed together so much better and was beautiful and juicy.

When making the sauce it calls for Roma tomatoes. I used our beautiful home grown ones but O.M.G I am one of those people that hate the skins. Before cooking the fish and snow peas, I tip it into a strainer – no I’m not making purée. I just remove the skins then put the rest back in the bowl.

We cooked and all put together. Deliciousness in a bowl. Divine ⭐️

Singapore style noodles

(Thermomix® Cutter). The flavours in this meal are incredible. So tasty and highly recommended ⭐️ x 5

Chris said – as you are putting hot sauce on the noodles, it tends to overcook them. We are going to try something different next time.

I would also like something really crunchy. Like fried onions or bits of some sort but I’m a texture person. I love both in my meal. Eg: soup/crusty bread. IYKYK!

Cookidoo’s Beef stew with buttermilk

Cookidoo’s Beef stew with buttermilk dumplings

The meal was just perfect. While I was out with a demo, Chris was home cooking this amazing stew for dinner. Wonderful on a cold Melbourne nighttime. Yes I know it’s Summer but not here!! 😖

This is a tasty cheap meal. Rump steak that is beautiful and tender when cooked. The dumplings are super filling. No we didn’t finish them all. Next time we will add more vegetables to create a very hearty meal 🍽️

Chicken & Spinach Lasagne

I love lasagna and this to me is the absolute favourite 😍 it’s flavours are just so incredible

We have learnt by making this quite a few times (yes we love it that much) after step 3 – shred the chicken (mixture) 3 sec | Speed 4. It just works out and sets better.

Honestly if you have not tried this you must. It’s SOOOOO good 😊

Asian Stir Fry with Noodles

Chris cooked this beautiful meal after a busy day for me doing an NDIS Demo for a lovely lady.

This meal is normally set with Beef but I just love chicken with it. The recipe calls for sesame oil and it’s not my favourite so Chris substituted 80% for standard oil. So yummy and filling this meal.

Salmon with ginger sauce and spiced cashews

My version of Salmon with ginger sauce and spiced cashews

I decided to “use up” some fridge freezer items. I got out a bag of leftover frozen rice, some mushrooms and veggies making a version of fried rice.

I didn’t steam the salmon. I much prefer pan fried. If I may say so I cook really great salmon, so steaming was a no no. I popped the cashew on the salmon once’s cooked to heat them through.

Put the meal together and poured the dressing over the top. Super good and very filling

Seared steak and rocket salad

Cookidoo®: Seared Steak Rocket Salad. This is a seriously good salad and it was started and ready in 20 mins.

The flavours were incredible. I wasn’t fussed with the cranberries but that’s me. Chris liked them! Next time I will put them in his bowl, not mine.

We used really nice steak 🥩 and it was super tender. Yummo 😋

Turkey (& Ham) & Leek Pie 🥧

Leftovers made into an amazing tasting pie. We had heaps of turkey and ham leftovers and I just couldn’t waste it and there are only so many turkey sandwiches 🥪 or turkey and salad 🥗 you can have 😆

This recipe is on the recipe community – I rewrote the recipe myself so it makes sense. (link below) The recipe community didn’t explain explain the pastry well, nor did it mention baking time.

The sour cream pastry is divine. Light. Fluffy. Flaky. Yum 😋 Well worth it and I think it would work well with a cooked chicken 🐓

Placki & Coleslaw

Firstly we did the good ‘ol trusty coleslaw. I know I have made this a few times but gosh it’s good and really does showcase the cutter. The coleslaw calls for mayonnaise and we made that too. I always add the mustard, but also 1 tsp seeded mustard for texture.

Next up I cooked Placki (potato cakes) The recipe calls for the potato and onion to be chopped but I decided to thin slice the two. Half thick slice and half thin slice of the potato for texture. 700 gms potato in 10 seconds. 🤯 always shocks me how quick it is. I then followed the rest of the ingredients from the recipe and 5 seconds | REVERSE | Speed 4. Cook!

A steam of the fish in the Varoma and a quick fry either side for colour. The meal was yum.

Sous Vide Steak, Gratin dauphinois, Steamed Greens and Sautéed Zucchini & Garlic

What a meal 🍽️

I wanted to do a big cook of big food. It has turned cool here in Melbourne (yet again) so time for something filling, and OMG was it filling. I couldn’t finish it all.

I used the recipe Sous-vide rare beef steak with béarnaise sauce minus the béarnaise sauce – this is just too heavy for me. The steak was perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth. I have a vacuum sealer but tonight I was lazy and just used doubled sealed snaplock bags. They work really well.

It was the first time I tried the Gratin dauphinois and it was yummy. I thought these were called scallop potatoes 🤷🏼‍♀️ I suppose this is the fancy name. There is now a recipe for Potato Bake with the cutter in cookidoo.

Steamed greens from the garden and Sautéed zucchini & Garlic. Totally delicious that is

  • Zucchini x 2
  • Garlic clove crushed x 1
  • Knob of butter
  • Veggie stock x 1 tsp
  • Sautéed for 5 minutes in pot of stove – I ran out of Thermomix’s


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