Gina’s Birthday Cake

August 11, 2023

Gina’s 30th Birthday❤️

When Gina, our beloved daughter-in-law, marked her 30th birthday this year, she was back home with her family in Michigan, USA. Upon her return, it was time for a heartfelt family celebration.

Given Gina’s profound fondness for red wine, it was only fitting that this theme graced her celebratory cake.

For this delightful creation, I embarked on the journey of baking an 18″ butter cake alongside two 8″ cakes filled with luscious buttercream. The pièce de résistance was the striking red wine drip, masterfully executed using white chocolate ganache.

White Chocolate Ganache


While mastering the art of drip ganache was a challenge I hadn’t previously tackled, I delved into instructional videos, learning from both successes and missteps. Through persistence and a dash of creativity, I achieved the desired outcome. The process of crafting cakes brings me immense joy, and witnessing the pleasure they bring to others is truly the crowning touch.



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