Meal Planning – March

Today, I dedicated some time to map out our meal plans for March, albeit a few days behind schedule.

This weekend is jam-packed with dinners, lunches, a visit to Sunflower Gardens tomorrow, and a thrilling night out to see WICKED! I’m super excited for that.

For March, I crafted a menu that not only reflects our food preferences but also embraces a Weight Watchers (WW) Friendly approach. Whenever possible, I tweaked recipes to suit my Thermomix.

This month, I drew inspiration from various sources:

  • Anna Van Dyken’s TWO cookbooks:
    • “AVD 50% Weight Loss | 100% Healthier”
    • “AVD How I’ve Kept The Weight Off,” as well as her website.
  • “The WW Essential Guide to Healthy Eating” by WW.
  • Our own recipes.
  • Cookidoo.

As I step into March, I’ve set a goal to incorporate a diverse range of meals into our plan. March holds numerous family events for us—birthdays, our 18th Wedding Anniversary, the impending birth of our second grandchild, and Easter. You’ll notice that every Friday in March is dedicated to fish. It’s a tradition we all made a promise to uphold in honour of Mum.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Meal Plan. It consists of 80% new recipes that we have yet to try.

Happy Cooking!

The WW Essential Guide to Healthy Eating
Anna’s 50% weight loss | 100% healthier
Anna’s How I’ve Kept The Weight Off
Anna’s Website
The ThermoCouple Recipe

Monday, 4 March 2024Cream Chicken Cauliflower SoupCookidoo0
Tuesday, 5 March 2024Portuguese Chicken Burrito BowlAVD B1 P90 4
Wednesday, 6 March 2024Vietnamese Chicken SaladWW EGTHE P 1604
Thursday, 7 March 2024Chilli Con CarneAVD Website7
Friday, 8 March 2024Fish and ChipsWW EGTHE P 1784
Saturday, 9 March 2024Chicken Buddha BowlCookidoo4
Sunday, 10 March 2024Beef & Rice BakeAVD Website10
Monday, 11 March 2024Chicken & Spinach EnchiladasTTC Website6
Tuesday, 12 March 2024Lasagne - Beef & Roasted PumpkinAVD Website6
Pasta Bolognese Sauce - Low FatAVD Website
Wednesday, 13 March 2024Creamy Chicken & Mushroom HotpotWW EDTHE P 2102
Thursday, 14 March 2024Tex-Mex SoupTTC Website3
Friday, 15 March 2024Dukkha Crusted Citrus Salmon Tray BakeAVD B2 P 1312
Saturday, 16 March 2024Shepherd's Pie with Parmesan MashAVD B2 P 1209
Sunday, 17 March 2024Lasagne - Beef & Roasted PumpkinAVD Website6
Pasta Bolognese Sauce - Low FatAVD Website
Monday, 18 March 2024Sarah's Easy Pasta BakeWW EGTHE P 1824
Tuesday, 19 March 2024Crunchy Slaw with Chicken & Sesame Peanut DressingAVD B1 P1483
Wednesday, 20 March 2024Sticky BBQ Meatballs AVD B1 P 941 each
Thursday, 21 March 2024Beef & Rice BakeAVD Website10
Friday, 22 March 2024ShakshukaAVD Website3
Saturday, 23 March 2024Chilli Con CarneWW EDTHE P 2225
Sunday, 24 March 2024Easy Chessy French Onion Chicken BakeAVD Website4
Monday, 25 March 2024Herby Steak with French PotatoesCookidoo10
Tuesday, 26 March 2024Sweet Potato & Chicken PattiesAVD Website1 each
Wednesday, 27 March 2024Chinese Chicken RissolesWW EGTHE P 1880
Thursday, 28 March 2024Italian Meatball & Baby Bocconcini BakeAVD Website8
Friday, 29 March 2024Minetrone Soup - Minus Bacon todayTTC Website1Minus Bacon for us for Good Friday
Saturday, 30 March 2024Chicken TeriyakiCookidoo5
Sunday, 31 March 2024EASTER SUNDAY


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