Changing Filters in Cookidoo

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March 4, 2022

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When I first got my Thermomix and Cookidoo I set everything up like I thought I should. Changing Filters changed my life with Thermomix® !




OH WOW! Lots of recipes. Down the track I was suggested some recipes and went searching – do you think I could find them – NO! I soon learnt that the filters played a huge part in Cookidoo and what you find. So I did the following

I went into Cookidoo – Put in Chicken – with my 2 filters – I got 362 results. Great – but if I changed my filters I got 1120 results – FANTASTIC.

This is how you change it.

  • Go to Cookidoo App
  • Put in something like chicken or fish
  • Click the Filters
  • Click English (only if you speak one language or add more if you are lucky enough to speak a 2 or 3rd language)
  • Scroll down to Country or Region
  • Take the tick out of each and every country – you don’t want a specific country there at all.
  • Click show results and your there!

To change it permanently if your happy with it. 

  • Open your Cookidoo App
  • Click on your image – top right
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Update Filter and make sure all the languages and countries are there that you need and click SAVE

This way they will ALWAYS be there for you



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