Baby Food in a Thermomix

January 6, 2023

Did you know that purees for babies can be made in the Thermomix® and that Cookidoo is FULL of recipes to make.

Our Granddaughter Ivy has just started solids and loving every moment of them. Elizabeth started with the basics, as we all have. Rice cereal which she makes by milling flour. She know then that what Ivy is getting is the real deal and no additives whatsoever.



Babies being feed these day “freak me out” – in my day (gosh that makes me old – you feed them milk, rice cereal (farax) then the biscuits – can’t for the life of me thing what they are called, and then mashed veggies.

Don’t get me started on peanut butter! I just gave my kids that and didn’t think twice. Same with eggs and flour and EVERYTHING.

There is a new thing today called LED Weaning – frightened the bejeezus out of me. Lumps and big bits and arhhhhh just too much for this “old school Mum”. Take me back. Sorry Ivy, your going to be feed Nanny’s way when your here!!

Where does the Thermomix come into this. It has amazing recipes for “Nanny’s Way” and “LED Weaning” Brilliant recipes of combinations that just blow my mind. Never would I have thought of them. 

Ivy eats Avocado and Bananas mixed together – and guess what – she loves it!

Elizabeth received a second Bowl, Blade & Lid when she received her Thermomix, but saved it for the baby. That way she know it has no contaminant in it that haven’t been tested before. 

Banana Peanut Butter Porridge

This will be put on hold till peanut butter is tested first

When they have frozen in their pods, they will be popped out and put into snap lock bags and labelled.

Thank you to my daughter for all the cooking and images and to Ivy for enjoying her Mum’s cooking


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