Where have we been ?

April 19, 2023

Where Have We Been ? MIA

6 Weeks is a long time between posts. For that I am sorry!

Be warned – this is a post about family more than cooking.

Work has been crazy busy with the business that I have. I run a DESC Designs – website design business. Each season (Football) I must get the websites up to that with fixtures, coaches, teams etc need to be done. This is not a quick process, especially for 3 separate teams and leagues.  When football seasons ends, cricket season takes over. I also managed to pick up an extra 3 different website to develop and design so yes, time has been limited.

Then to top ALL that off – and this is my own fault – I got sick with a cold. I didn’t stop. I didn’t slow down. I didn’t take care of myself – and so my body took over and did it for me. Pleurisy!! That’s right folk – I bought it upon myself but man do I feel blahhhhhhhhhh! I rattle with antibiotics, steroids, puffers and cough medicine but I am on the up and up. I hope! Don’t like hospitals and with C****d rampant, my doc doesn’t want me there and to be honest – neither do I. I don’t have time for that haha

While I have been “away” there have been some AMAZING times.

Daniel & Gina Get Married!

My son & his gorgeous fiance got married (eloped) on the 18th March, 2023 in a very private ceremony in Olinda, Victoria.

Just the two of them sharing their special day, just the way they wanted. They looked amazing and we wish them all the happiness they both deserve!

9 Months Old

It took 9 months to “cook” this little darlin’ and she has been here for 9 months.

So what do her parents do – throw a 9 month birthday party, and she loved her cup cake!

Ivy's First Easter

We had the wonderful Easter break. Our first Easter with Ivy. She had all her grandparents there – this girl is lucky.

She has 6 grandparents who just dote on her. She also had her very first Easter Egg – Thanks Aunty Gina!


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