Beef Wellington


May 10, 2023

Oh yes!! I made Beef Wellington with cauliflower cheese, mashed potatoes and green beans with Yorkshire Pudding. To say I am gobsmacked that I actually made this but to say it WORKED is even better.

Yes there are a lot of steps but it is oh so worth it.

This reel shows you how to do the steps. I forgot to coat my beef with dijon mustard – oops – but if thatโ€™s the only thing I forgot I think I did well.

We were lucky enough to have a Meater+ to cook it and I set it to medium. Next time we will set it to rare to medium. It was delicious and well worth the effort!

You can find the recipe on Cookidoo – I thought it would be hard – it says advanced – but to me it wasn’t hard – just time consuming. Was it worth the effort. Most certainly.

Next time I am going to try the individual Beef Wellingtons – Cookidoo as this also has a Red Wine Jus and you make the pastry (I think I may be able to just use Sheeted Puff Pastry if I am time poor – super excited! Might even make it for my son and his wife. He said he has been on a mission to make this too.

The instagram post is so you can watch the video on HOW TO or see youtube video below



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