Baking the Perfect First Birthday Cake with Thermomix

July 11, 2023

Celebration Cakes

Creating a beautifully decorated first birthday cake for my granddaughter was a special task that I eagerly undertook with the help of our trusty Thermomix. The Thermomix has always impressed me with its ability to produce light, fluffy, and flavorful cakes. However, this time, I wanted the cake to be not only delicious but also perfectly moist and fluffy. After discovering the exorbitant prices of pre-decorated cakes, I was determined to create a masterpiece on my own.

The Initial Challenge:

During a trial run of the cake a few weeks prior, I was pleased with the taste and texture. However, the cake was a dome (oh my!) and the following day, the cake turned out dry. This realization sent me into a state of panic. I sought advice from experienced Thermomix bakers and was fortunate enough to receive valuable pointers from a kind baker named Grace.

Grace’s Instagram Account – get on and give her a follow. Great account!

❤️Ivy’s First Birthday Cake❤️

Cake Domed – less in the cake tin – and flatten when it comes out.

Happy with the first real cake.

Cake looked pretty but was dry.

Grace’s Moisture-Retaining Method:

Grace suggested a simple yet effective method to maintain the cake’s moisture, ensuring it stayed soft and delectable even after a day. Here’s what she recommended:

  1. Immediately after removing the cakes from the oven, invert them onto a chopping board. Lightly press down on the cakes to release any trapped air, preventing them from drying out.
  2. Wrap the cakes tightly with plastic wrap, covering the entire chopping board. Allow the cakes to cool completely in this wrapped state. This step helps trap moisture within the cakes, preserving their freshness.
  3. Once cooled, you can choose to refrigerate or freeze the cakes until you’re ready to use them. If freezing, it’s recommended to wrap the cake only with plastic wrap to ensure easier stacking in the freezer.

Press with plates and wrapped in glad wrap. Yes they are on the floor. The coolest part of our home.

Now to leave them sit and cool.

I cut a hole in the centre of the 3 bottom layers with a scone cutter and put in cut up marshmallows.

The Results:

Nervous yet hopeful, I followed Grace’s advice, wrapping the cakes and cooling them in the refrigerator. When I unwrapped the cake layers, they felt slightly damp to the touch. However, my worries were soon put to rest when we indulged in the cake. It was a revelation—soft, moist, and bursting with a rich, buttery flavor. The extra effort to retain moisture had paid off, resulting in a perfect cake that surpassed my expectations.

Cream Cheese frosting in the layers

Coloured Buttercream frosting

Marshmallow Centre


Thanks to the invaluable advice shared by Grace and the incredible capabilities of the Thermomix, I was able to create a first birthday cake that was not only visually stunning (pardon me for the gush) but also delightfully moist and delicious. The simple method of wrapping the cakes after baking proved to be a game-changer, preserving the cake’s moisture, stopping the dome effect and ensuring its freshness. With the Thermomix by your side, you can confidently embark on any baking endeavor, knowing that it will help you achieve impeccable results. The joy of creating homemade masterpieces with the Thermomix is truly unparalleled, making every celebration extra special.


❤️Thank you Grace❤️

The very first thing I ever decorated – 2021

A birthday cake for my daughter – 2022

Making my own birthday cake – 2022


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