Quick Clean the Thermomix Bowl

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February 2, 2022

The Quickest way to clean the TM Bowl

Cleaning your Thermomix bowl after cooking is a crucial step in maintaining its functionality and ensuring that each culinary adventure starts with a clean slate. While the quick wash setting is already fantastic for regular cleaning, sometimes you need an even faster, turbocharged mode to get your Thermomix spotless. One handy product that can make this process a breeze is Fairy Easy Spray, which is readily available at Coles and Woolworths and is often found on special offer. Here’s how you can give your Thermomix bowl a super quick clean:

**1. Gather Your Ingredients:**
– You’ll only need a few simple ingredients and tools for this speedy cleaning method:
– 1000 ml (1 liter) of water
– 1 drop of dishwashing liquid or 1 spray of Fairy Easy Spray

**2. Prepare the Solution:**
– Start by adding the 1000 ml of water to your Thermomix bowl. This provides the liquid base for the cleaning process.
– Add either a single drop of dishwashing liquid or, if you prefer, a convenient spray of Fairy Easy Spray. Fairy Easy Spray is known for its effective cleaning power and the ability to cut through grease and food residues with ease. It’s a time-saving solution for quick cleaning tasks.

**3. Seal It Up:**
– Place the lid on your Thermomix and ensure the measuring cup (MC) is in place.

**4. Set the Turbo Mode:**
– Activate the Turbo mode on your Thermomix, pulsing it 2-3 times. This powerful mode creates a whirlwind of cleaning action, thoroughly scouring the bowl and removing any stubborn food residues.

**5. Rinse and Dry:**
– After the Turbo cleaning cycle is complete, carefully remove the bowl and pour out the solution.
– Rinse the bowl thoroughly with warm water to ensure that all traces of detergent or Fairy Easy Spray are removed.
– Finally, dry the bowl meticulously with a clean cloth or towel.

This super quick cleaning method is perfect for those moments when you need to freshen up your Thermomix bowl in a hurry. Fairy Easy Spray, with its effective cleaning properties, simplifies the process and leaves your bowl clean and ready for your next culinary masterpiece. It’s a convenient and time-saving approach to keep your Thermomix in top condition, ensuring that each cooking endeavor begins with a clean and hygienic surface.


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