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February 9, 2022

Now is NOT the time to panic!

Cooking with spices can certainly infuse your dishes with incredible flavors and aromas, but it’s not uncommon for these vibrant ingredients to leave a lasting impression, quite literally, on the lid of your Thermomix bowl. The result? A lid that can sometimes appear stained or discolored, often taking on a less-than-pleasant yellow hue. However, before you jump into full-blown panic mode, there’s a straightforward and effective way to restore your Thermomix lid to its original, pristine condition.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to reviving the appearance of your Thermomix lid:

**1. Don’t Panic:**
– It’s entirely natural for spices and certain ingredients to leave stains or discoloration on the lid. This is not indicative of any damage or harm to your Thermomix; it’s purely an aesthetic issue.

**2. Begin the Cleaning Process:**
– Start by washing the Thermomix bowl as you normally would. This initial step removes any food particles or residue that may be present.

Restore The Thermomix Lid

**3. Embrace the Sunlight:**
– This is where the magic happens. Place the stained Thermomix lid in direct sunlight for approximately 20 minutes. If the stains are particularly stubborn, you can leave it out a bit longer.

**4. Bring It In and Rinse:**
– After the exposure to sunlight, bring the Thermomix lid back inside and give it a thorough rinse. You’ll notice a significant improvement in the lid’s appearance.

**5. Witness the Transformation:**
– Like magic, the stains and discoloration should fade away, and your Thermomix lid will return to its original, vibrant color.

The key to this method lies in the power of sunlight, which naturally helps to bleach and lift stains from the plastic lid. It’s a safe and eco-friendly approach to restoring the lid’s appearance without resorting to harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing.

So, the next time you cook up a culinary masterpiece with an array of spices and find your Thermomix lid sporting some unsightly stains, remember this simple solution. Don’t panic; just let the sun work its magic, and your Thermomix lid will be back to looking as good as new, ready to continue assisting you in creating delicious dishes in style.


restoring the Thermomix lid - side by side

Restoring the Thermomix lid – side by side. This was 40 minutes in the Melbourne Sun


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