Cookidoo 3.0 Serving Sizes

October 25, 2022

Change your Serving Sizes


Most nights there is only Chris and I for dinner. I halve the recipes manually but now for some of our favourite recipes we don’t have too.

Those subscribed Cookidoo 3.0 and above will have this new option for approximately 200 most cooked recipes in the program.

I just love it! Please engage the brain when changing portions. Don’t think that feeding 20 people is going to fit in the TM Bowl. Your content of the just MUST NOT GO ABOVE THE TOP FILL LINE!! Safety First!

It is super easy to make the changes, however I have made a video so you can see for yourself.

Don’t forget: This BBL – Bowl, Blade, Lid offer doesn’t last long. It says until December, but last year they sold out EARLY.

Imagine saving $375 on a second bowl. Something that I truly swear by. This offer doesn’t come around often at all.

If you are considering buying, but still have questions, please contact us. If you ready to go – hit that button below.


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