Thermomix Sautéed Onions

January 20, 2023

No More Tears – well almost …

Say goodbye to teary eyes while sautéing onions with these two efficient methods to prepare your onions using your Thermomix. Whether you prefer the chopped or sliced version, these techniques will make cooking with onions a breeze.

**Chopped Version:**

**1. Prepare the Onion:**
– Cut the onion into four pieces to make it easier to handle.

**2. Chop the Onion:**
– Place the onion pieces in the Thermomix bowl.
– Use the chopping function by selecting 5 seconds on Speed 5. This will quickly and evenly chop the onion.

**Cutter Version:**

**1. Use the Cutter Attachment:**
– Insert the cutter attachment with the dark grey (slate) side facing up. The dark grey side is typically used for slicing.

**2. Choose the Mode:**
– On the modes panel, select “Thick Slices.” The grey mode is for grating, while the slate mode is for slicing.

**3. Slice the Onion:**
– Place the onion in the Thermomix with the cutter attachment in place.
– Let the Thermomix slice the onion into uniform pieces.

**Sliced Version:**

**1. Prepare the Onion:**
– Slice the onion into even, thin slices. You can use a knife or a mandoline slicer for this.

**Sauteeing the Onions:**

**1. Add Olive Oil:**
– Place 20 milliliters of olive oil in the Thermomix bowl.

**2. Set Up for Sauteing:**
– Put the lid in place and attach the splash guard to prevent any splattering during sautéing.

**3. Saute the Onions:**
– Select the sauté function by setting the Thermomix to 5 minutes at Varoma temperature and Speed 1.

By using these Thermomix techniques, you can effortlessly prepare onions for your recipes, whether you prefer them chopped or sliced. The sautéing process becomes hassle-free, and you can enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of onions without the tears. These methods will save you time and make cooking with onions a more enjoyable experience.


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