Thermomix Soups – Winter is nearly here

April 21, 2023

Thermomix Soups – Winter is nearly here and soups are on the menu. Nothing better on a cold night than a warm hearty soup. Here are our go to soups.

Who DOESN’T love soup?

Well my son in law for one – it’s not that he doesn’t like it, but he calls a soup “dipping sauce” haha for his toasties etc.

We LOVE soup in our house. Any kind, any flavours as long as it fill the hole and the belly, oh and nutritious. That is a must!

These are our soups that we have “worked up”

They are also cookidoo recipes that I have worked “DOWN” in WW Points.

Thermomix Pumpkin Soup

Thermomix Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a classic comfort food, perfect for chilly evenings or a cozy meal at home. Over the years, I've ...

These are our “Go to” soups on either Cookidoo or the web.



This is to be our dinner on Monday Night. It is the the “Less Waste, more food with Thermomix”. It seems great meal that are for leftover things in the fridge or cupboard, saving money which is always a great thing.

I’ll post on my socials, and let you know what it is like.

Scotch Broth

This is our go to soup. It hearty, has beautiful barley in it, full of flavour and full of vegetables. 

We don’t eat red meat very often so having this with lamb is great and boy is it tender. 

Hug In A Mug Chicken

This is just about everyone I knows favourite soup. It’s quick, easy …. just amazing.

We like to pair it with Brazilian Cheese Puffs – OMG They are great.

Chicken & Corn Soup

This is JUST like the chinese shop soup. ThermoBliss has devised this recipe perfectly.

The chicken is all precooked and it’s great if you have leftover chicken from a roast or just quickly steam up a chicken breast – RECIPE HERE


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